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A dream come true...


Our history

The Ceresetto farm was born from the passion of its founder Alfredo Antonio Ceresetto for the products of the land and the agricultural world. A passion handed down to him by his brother-in-law Ianiri Pietro Antonio, who introduced him to the agricultural world, accompanying him on such a training path, making this sector become a real passion. Where to follow there have been innovative transformations, especially in recent years, where this guide is still a beacon to follow, as well as a safe haven where advice and support for present and future investments dwell.

In fact, it was with him that in the 2000s, when the concept of organic farming began to be a light to follow in the agricultural sector. The farm's attention is increasingly turning to the genuineness and wholesomeness of food for everyone, such as extra virgin olive oil, a fundamental food in the daily diet.tidiana of each individual.

A dream and a vision, that we both believed in an agriculture that didn't force the laws of nature, that didn't use any synthetic chemical molecules.

And so, following the dream of a cultivation that respects the environment, the soil and the health of the consumer, in 2008, the Ceresetto farm began to practice agriculture without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Agricola Ceresetto today stands out for the production and sale of bi products, such as extra virgin olive oil and quality flours and for the attention to issues related to well-being and correct and healthy nutrition.

Olio Biologico Ceresetto
Organic products

Since 2008, the Ceresetto farm has practiced agriculture free of chemical elements

Azienda agricola Ceresetto
Where we are

To find us you have to reach the lower part of Molise to get to Morrone del Sannio, very close to San Giuliano di Puglia.

Raccolta olive Ceresetto
The territory

Our company covers a total area of about 70 hectares, all on the hills.

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